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dandb.jpgAn interview with two Cub Scouts

Leader Peter Cook interviewed Dan Cook and Byron Guthrie when they advanced from Tiger Cub to Wolf Cub.

Peter: Guys, what were your favorite Cub Scout activities this year?
Byron: I liked the Raingutter Regatta and the Pinewood Derby. {In the Raingutter Regatta, each scout builds a little sailboat and races it down a water-filled raingutter. In the Pinewood Derby, scouts build race cars from pine blocks and race them down a track. Both are exciting, fun, learning events where everyone ends up a winner.}

Dan: I liked those too, and also being in the Woodmoor parade and watching movies together. And especially going camping at Cunningham Falls.

Byron: Yeah, camping together was great. Cub Scouts really like nature.

Peter: What would you say to your friends about why they should join Pack 248?

Byron: It’s really fun, we do lots of great outdoor things, and when we do the Pinewood Derby and the Raingutter Regatta it doesn’t matter who wins – it’s just fun. And you learn lots, and there’s always more to learn.

Dan: You get to go camping and earn medals, go on hikes, and have lots of fun together. And no matter what happens you’re with friends who like you.

{This year’s advancement ceremony, where Scouts move up through the ranks, took place during Pack 248’s family camping trip at Cunningham Falls State Park. The ceremony was followed by s’mores.}

Peter: OK, boys, last question. How did you feel when you advanced from Tiger Cub to Wolf Cub?

Dan: I felt proud! And happy. A little sad not to be a Tiger Cub anymore, but mainly happy.

Byron: Me, too. I also felt a little embarrassed being watched by a lot of people. And a little annoyed because rain was pouring down on my head. (Laughs.)